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An ultimate guide to Facebook Ad formats

Facebook ads have an edge over other marketing tactics to leverage a huge audience base to promote products, and services and increase brand awareness as well. In this blog, some Facebook ad formats will be discussed that can skyrocket your sales performance.

Video ads

Video ads are targeted that deliver a single message to draw the attention of the customers. Video ads are used to enrich the traffic to websites and increase brand awareness as well. People are more likely to watch video content than read blogs. Facebook video contents show the products and services in an action that can easily catch the attention of the audience. In making video content you don’t need to film footage all the time. You can simply add animations or GIF graphics to bring your message to the audience.

Image ads

It is the most simple way to start your paid advertising by adding catchy images to your Facebook page,  news feed and stories. It will also help you to do product catalogue sales, increase engagement of the audience and generate more leads as well.

Carousel ads

A carousel ad allows you to add 10 images or videos in a single ad by putting individual links. You can show the benefits of different products by giving specific details about your services offering and products. You can deliver your brain story through this carousel advertisement. In this ad a shop now button is put that can help you to go directly to the sales page of the brand.

Slideshow ads

Slid show ads are more like video ads that are made with motion, music text and content. You can use 3  to 10 images and videos in slideshows that can help you to tell your story to your target audience. You can use some appealing words to describe your images or videos to interact with your audience and deliver your message. It is one of the most innovative ways to showcase your products and services in a short duration to grab their attention of them.

Instant experience ads

Instant experience gives a full-screen experience after someone clicks on ads on a mobile device. It is used to give an insight into o showcasing products and services of the brand.


Collection ad format gives an instant experience of showcasing products and services to the audience through high-quality videos and images. The videos and images start showing when someone opens instant experiences ads. It lets people discover and browse more about the product and offerings which increases conversion on mobile landing pages.

Augmented reality ads

Augmented reality ads are effective to create an emotional connection with the audience. It allows brands to give their targeted customers the experience of trying out products with their cameras before purchasing. The customers feel that they are trying out the products in reality. It influences their purchasing behaviour to a great extent. Cosmetic brands s features attract more customers and interact with them. Augmented reality includes some features like animation and filters that allow people to communicate with your brand. It puts a fun element to your marketing strategies.

Messenger ads

The brand can run click-to-messenger ads in the Facebook feed that comes with a call to action button. This option allows the customer to communicate with the customer representative or salesperson.

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