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Best SEO tools in 2022

Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of marketing strategies that can allow you to increase your traffic and revenue at the same time. To win over  SEO,  you have to ensure incorporate some SEO  tools that can give you stellar performance in marketing campaigns. SEO tools are also very effective in terms of managing multiple websites. It also gives a quick overview of what is working for the company. SEO tools also incorporate competitive analysis of the competitors and give reports with one click. Here we have discussed some free tools that can help you to improve your marketing campaign and boost the traffic to your website.

5 SEO tools to improve SEO

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the go-to solution for marketers that can help them to optimize the page and track the traffic to the website as well. The traffic of a  website is influenced by the page rankings that depend on the optimisation of your website that is aligned with SEO.

It gives a report about the bounce rate, and dwell time that can help you to get an insight into how your website performs. Along with that,  Google analytics plays an important role in analysing how long the audiences spend time on a page that can help them to understand the importance of their content.


Ahrefs is also one of the major SEO tools that work as a keyboard research tool. It reduces the keyword’s difficulty to increase organic traffic which can enrich the online visibility of the brand. It also comes with cost-per-click metrics and helps in tracking backlinks and keywords as well.


 SEMRUSH is an SEO tool that can help you to evaluate the customer reviews and traffic to your website. This SEO tool makes it easier for you to get current for your website and evaluate the latest trends in organic and search results. Whenever you put up a keyword, you can see search volume, questions, and secondary keywords regarding that keyword. You can also get an insight into how your website looks on mobile devices, laptops and PCs.  You can also see the key statistics of your company using the Domain overviewing feature.


Ubersuggest is one of the major factors for your SEO success. You have to increase traffic to your website. You should be consistent with providing relevant content. You should also use some primary and secondary keywords so that search engines can easily optimise your page. Here comes the Ubersuggest that can reduce your difficulty in keywords by providing a keyword tool for SEO.

Page speed insight

Page speed insight is created by Google that can help you to evaluate the speed of your website. It also provides you with additional data regarding the performance of your page that can increase your page ranking in search results.

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