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HRIS software for Data management

A human resource information system is used for storing and collecting data of the employees regarding their salary, benefits, age, address, attendance, performance reviews and working hours. HRIS software is more of a cloud system that can ensure an end to end human resource management in an organization. The cloud-based database in the human resource information system can secure the confidential information of the employees. It comes with some major benefits such as ensuring data safety, and data integrity, bringing down data redundancy and decreasing the cost of data management. HRIS maintains compliance with the data that is stored in the cloud. It ensures that data is stored securely and aligned with GDPR regulations.

 HRIS in recruiting

Recruitment is a major operation of any organization to provide effective human resources to the company for fulfilling organizational goals. In this case, HRIS in the recruitment process helps in managing and tracking the applications of the candidates. The involvement of data analytics and artificial intelligence in HRIS has made it easier for recruiters to identify qualified candidates who can make the requirements of the job role.

Here we have discussed some HRIS software that is fruitful for meeting organizational needs.

3 HRIS software in data management is one of the major HRIS software that comes with customization features in the HR process. It helps HR managers to evaluate the recruitment pipelines and enhance the applicant tracking process by automating the tasks. It works as a data Bank to collect all the data of the candidates and to make a data-driven decision in the hiring process. also comes with templates that can help onboard new employees, and give training sessions and learning modules in the first week of their job. HRIS software incorporates no code automation that can be used to send notifications to the team members about hirings. It is also used in tracking the leave applications and attendance of the employees.


BOB is one of the major HRIS platforms that is used to increase employee engagement in the organization. The interface of this platform gives the feeling of using social media in terms of giving details of birthdays and anniversaries and other facts about the employees. It can help to make connections on a deeper level among the employees that can manifest a positive work culture.

It has some major features such as attendance tracking, data analytics onboarding tools, a document hub, and leave management of the employees.


Cezanne is the cloud-based solution in the HRIS platform that comes with different features such as self-service feature, leave management application tracking system, performance management and onboarding.

The performance management includes 360-degree feedback, goal setting and regular check-ins. These features of the HRIS solution also help to analyse the talent pool to identify qualified candidates from it and set career development goals as well. Cezanne ensures integration with other areas such as employee engagement, learning management and compensation management.

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