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Influencer marketing in business

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a part of the social media marketing that uses influences to promote the product to increase online visibility on digital platforms. It involves the promotion, and endorsement of a product by influencers who have a huge audience base on digital platforms.  Influencer marketing is about creating posts according to the guidelines given by their clients.

 Mostly influencer marketing is used in small businesses to attract customers and give them knowledge about the product and services of the company. Social influencers who have huge social followings can influence the purchasing behaviour of the customers by recommending certain products and services that they are paid for. As per the report of statistica, the market value of global influencer marketing comes to 13.8 billion US dollars in 2021. As digital marketing platform evolves, influencer marketing creates its own space in marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing platform

Let’s take a look at Instagram marketing, which serves as the main influencer marketing platform. According to statistica, the global user base of Instagram is 715 million, which leverages huge potential customers to increase the organic growth of a company. Influencers give recommendations of the products that are considered reliable by their followers. Instagram is a perfect marketing platform that showcases products and services with innovative visualisation tools. Influencers talk about their products in stores or short reels which are the most effective ways to target Genz people. If you go through the behavioural traits of GENzs, they like to see short videos that are informative and put together overall.

Along with that, Facebook, and LinkedIn youtube are also part of social influencing, used by influencers to reach out to the audience and provide knowledge about the products of the brand. This influencing comes with content creators, celebrity influencers,  consumer influencers,  and micro-influencers  as well

  Type of social media influencers

Content creators

Content creators are professional photographer bloggers, vloggers make innovative content so that audience can get connected with them. Influencers are given the responsibility to make storytelling content and to review positively so that their followers can consider it reliable to go for purchasing the products.

Celebrity influencers

Celebrity influencers are public figures. So, it’s easy for them to influence customers out of the reliance that they build on their persona.

Consumer influencers

Consumer influencers are active on social media by making engaging content through photography, and blogs. They make relevant and relatable content,  that audience finds real.  It creates a trust factor that influences customers to use recommended products.


Micro-influencers are known for their wisdom and knowledge in their specific niche. If they promote any product, the audience can easily trust them out of their perceived notion.

Influencer marketing can help to generate leads and increase brand awareness among the audiences. It is only dependent on content creation that seeks for putting innovative ways to manoeuvre. The Cost-effectiveness of implementing this strategy is the cherry on the cake for small businesses.

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