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Top 5 content writing tools in 2022

Content writing is one of the powerful marketing strategies that influence the purchasing behaviour of the audience and increase their engagement with a brand. It is important for marketers to rank higher effective content writers for providing engaging and appealing content to draw the attention of the customers. Here in this blog,  we are going to discuss some effective content writing tools that can make your blogs more catchy and compelling at the same time.

Google keywords planner

Google keyword planner is one of the most effective tools that can help to find relevant keywords to improve your SEO ranking. It’s a free service that Google provides to optimize your content for your SEO. You can get ideas regarding the primary and secondary keywords from the Google keyboard planner and plan how to place your keywords into your content. One thing that you should remember is not to overuse keywords that hamper its artistry. You can also take help from Google trends that give insights into what kind of content you should write over that people look for.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an SEO WordPress plugin that helps to improve your blog post by giving suggestions on each blog post. It is more of a checking tool that shows the task you need to complete to run your content on a search engine. It also checks the readability of your content by focusing on issues and areas for improvement. Along with that, it gives a Google preview of your content so that you get an insight into how your Blog post will look with meta descriptions and snippets.


Grammarly is the major AI-based content writing assistant that checks the spelling and grammar of a blog post. Content with many grammatical and spelling errors cannot rank high on search engine results. Grammarly comes into the sea by making it easier for you to check sentence structure, spelling and grammar mistakes. You can also check the plagiarism of your content through the Grammarly premium version and also take suggestions on how to improve the quality of your content as well. It also provides a browser extension to provide similar words to original words.


SEMrush is the prime content writing tool used by Marketers to promote their brands. It helps in finding keywords and evaluating the performance of the websites. It also helps to create backlinks that improve the ranking of a website in Search engines. It is also used in analysing “cost per click ” and search volume. You can easily  identify the keywords strategy of  your competitors by using Sims and find out backlinks

Answers the Public

Answer the public is a tool that gives blog article ideas to the writers by collecting the phrases and questions people often ask in online searches. You can type anything keyword in this online tool and get a set of questions that people ask on Google by using this keyboard. It is highly used by marketers to deliver targeted articles that can resolve most asked questions, often typed in search engines.

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