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Why is digital marketing more beneficial than traditional marketing in business?

Marketing is one of the essential things in the business to capture the audience’s attention and grow a business. There are two types of marketing such as traditional marketing and digital marketing. Traditional marketing is growing over the ages whereas digital marketing has come to the scene some years ago. Traditional marketing can be more expensive compared to digital marketing. It is not fruitful in terms of providing targeted advertisement and analysing the preferences of the customers. Digital marketing has brought a revolution in those areas by analysing purchasing behaviour of customers and increasing their engagement with the brand. It is also cost-effective and measurable which has made it an integral part of the marketing strategies in today’s world.

What is traditional marketing?

 Traditional marketing is an old type of marketing strategy that comes with using TV magazines billboards and newspapers to advertise the services and products of any business. It is still effective to some extent to connect with the local customers and build the credibility of the brand to a diverse audience.

Some traditional marketing strategies are:

  •  commercial ads
  •  referrals (word of mouth)
  • billboards and brochures
  • Printed emails, coupons
  • Telephonic calls
  • Sponsorship

It is very beneficial if someone wants to develop a business by targeting larger local customers. However, it has some limitations that compel digital marketing to come into play.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an online marketing that is used for promoting brands with the help of digital channels. It comes with providing targeted ads to specific customers to give knowledge about the products, services and offerings of a business. 

Types of digital channels

Different types of digital marketing channels are available for any business considering marketing their brand. It includes

These channels help in lead generation, lead capturing and nurturing which are the main factors of any business. It also helps to increase brand awareness by maintaining the visual presence of the brand on the digital platforms. As digital marketing practices are new in the game, extensive knowledge is required to execute them properly in terms of growing a business.

Why does digital marketing have an edge over traditional marketing?

In this fast pace world, digital marketing has created a buzz in marketing strategies. Nowadays marketers are using marketing strategies with the help of a smartphone, laptops and the internet without paying extra on inventories, transportation and production. Digital marketing strategies make two-way communication between the customers and the brand. It helps a business to make a cordial relationship and bring out its message to the customers. It also gives a content-focused approach and increases the brand awareness that comes with increasing the engagement of the customers with their products and services. However traditional marketing does not provide specifically targeted ads that are not good for building a brand. Digital marketing campaigns (email campaigns) are cost-effective compared to traditional marketing campaigns (printing postcards, and flyers).

Growth of Digital Marketing during and post covid

During and after post covid,   businesses are dependent on digital marketing channels to promote their business and reach out to their audience. When the traditional marketing methods went for a toss due to unprecedented lockdown situations,  digital marketing channels came to the rescue. Many companies were looking for innovative ways to bring people together online and promote their products and services through several methods of digital marketing. Collaboration tools also came into the place for remote work. People are spending more time on social media, which is the trigger point for companies to use social media marketing aggressively.


Making innovative content, sending customized notifications through email, and targeted ads using analytics are revamping digital marketing strategies.

Hence it can be said that digital marketing has given a new life to marketing strategies when it comes to drawing the attention of customers and make them involved with the brand.

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