An ultimate guide to online reputation management

Online reputation management is the concept of monitoring the images of the brand by implementing some online tactics. Monitoring the reputation helps digital marketers to get inside into how the clients consider their brand. It improves brand image and brand reputation that helps to reach more customers and engages them for the long term. Reputation management includes some important factors such as customer feedback, monitoring the reputation and incorporating strategies to prevent negative publicity or resolve the issues that can hamper the importance of the brand. Online reputation management also covers some crucial areas such as search engine optimization,  customer service, social media marketing management and public relations as well.

Techniques to enhance online reputation management

Digital marketers use several digital channels to improve their online reputation.

Earned media

Earned Media is all about gaining exposure to promote the brand through third-party involvement. Third-party involvement can be review sites, articles, blogs, forums (Quora, Reddit), press coverage and third-party listing (Glassdoor). Google my business can also be considered as the earned media that can allow customers to give their feedback without any restrictions. It helps to maintain and create trust between the brand and the customers.

Paid media

Media channels require payment in order to feature advertisements for the product and services of the brand. Paid media channels are Google as Microsoft social media apps LinkedIn sponsored messaging and sponsored content. Paid  Media is very crucial in terms of the target audience, however, it does not come with many opportunities to increase your brand reputation. Nowadays, customers rely on organic search results in field advertisements.

Shared Media

Shared media is the social accounts of your brand that are shared in social media platforms. It signifies the type of content marketing that is shared between the customers and  brand. It works as a business card that shows the reputation of your brand and how people consider your brand on the global platform

If you have any terrible ratings or negative comments on social media platforms that damage your reputation, you should use strategies to identify the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. You should also pay attention to the pop-ups and hashtags that mention your brand name. Negative Publicity or bad comments decrease your potential and existential customers.

Owned media

Owned media is all about brand websites, article pages of blogs that can be controlled on your own. In order to create a positive impression on your own media, you have to win over the game of SEO. If you have good SEO on your page, you can easily increase your rankings in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It makes it easier for you to control over creating your own online

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