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All you need to know about video marketing

In this tech-driven era, finding innovative ways to promote your products or services is a huge thing that should get proper attention. Video marketing is one of the most unique ways to promote the product and make an emotional connection with the audience by including any fun elements, humour or motivational factor. The main purpose of this video marketing is to make a connection with the audience so that they are more interested to buy the products or services of the brand.  science says that the brain consumes visuals almost 60000 times faster than written text. So this is one of the main reasons that video marketing has become one of the most crucial parts of marketing strategies. It can also let you establish your ownership and create a personal feel to bring your message to the audience. Marketers should ensure that the video continents are appealing and relevant to draw the attention of customers and generate authentic leads.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy to promote the products in services of the business. It is used to increase the brand awareness and also give knowledge and all the products in service to customers. It makes the audience more engaged with the content influence their purchasing behaviour and turns them into leads. As per the reports of Hubspot, it will visit the website after seeing a branded video that automatically increases the traffic to the website. Video marketing is also fruitful in terms of attracting millennial and gen Zpeople as they are more interested in watching video content rather than skimming through   articles.

Before implementing a video marketing strategy you should be aware of its benefits that can make you go to the pinnacle of your career.

Benefits of video marketing

Improving SEO

Video marketing can help you to improve your SEO by boosting the traffic to your website. Most people are inclined to visit your website after seeing a branded video that automatically increases traffic to a website and generates authentic leads.  Click-throughs and traffic are the most crucial part that can help you to improve your rank on the search engine result page. Along with it, the video intelligence API of Google also help you to use keywords in the video title. The machine learning and search engine also optimise the image elements in the video that automatically increase your ranking in a search engine. You should  also give importance to the video contents so that it is shown on the search result. To get the attention of the customers you should use some catchy and appealing thumbnails with adding meta description tags and relevant items to get it optimised.

Increasing conversion rate

Video contents give a better understanding of the importance of the services of the brand. So audiences are more likely to be engaged with video content that also creates a belief system among them over a certain period. As a result, it automatically increases the conversion rate by around 80%.

Making people stay longer on the page

If video content is added to the webpage people stay longer on the page If they find the content more appealing and relevant, they become interested to gather information regarding the offerings of the brand.  It is also used in email marketing that increases unsubscribe rates and engages potential customers effectively. In order to do video marketing through social media pages you don’t need to film a video for that, You can easily put animation, and graphics to make it appealing and eye catchy as well.

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