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6 Best tools to enhance digital marketing 

Innovation is the mother of invention that leads to success in any enterprise. Digital marketing is constantly expanding its ways because of innovations. Cognitive Technology is the biggest pillar behind the innovation that is implemented in digital marketing. Technology has provided some awesome tools that move digital marketing forward. Digital marketing has brought a revolution in terms of managing customers, generating leads, nurturing them creating opportunities to influence customers’ purchasing behaviour and managing databases.

 In this blog, we have listed some smart tools and technologies that can be the grist on the mill to enhance digital marketing

Digital marketing tools and techniques


If you want to win the game of SEO,  you have to understand how the keywords are used in the content. If you have good SEO then you can increase your rank and get huge traffic to your websites. The more people come to your website, the more they know about the product and services that you provide.

Ahrefs gives you attractive keyword ideas and opportunities to rank higher in SEO. It helps you to do competitive analysis by an insight into how much traffic your competitors have for any particular search.


Semrush is another SEO tool that helps you to track the position of the primary keywords and some secondary keywords associated with it. It helps to increase traffic to your website with some brainstorming content.


Yoast is a well-known plugin for WordPress that works as an optimization tool to make ‘cornerstone content. It helps you analyse individual content URLs and internal links to increase your rank in the SEO. It also optimises the reliability of the page and that gives an insight into how it influences the customers.

Google Analytics

In order to increase your brand presence, you need a stable option to optimise and track the traffic on your website. Google Analytics can help you see who is visiting your website and the pages, they are spending most of the time. Basically, it helps you to identify the latest trends to engage audiences with websites. It includes data collection, optimization, and visualization that makes it easier  for you to measure the advertising ROI


Canva is used for designing banners, brochures and pamphlets. It puts an aesthetic factor to the content and makes it more eye catchy. Canva reduces the need for an experienced designer and helps you to customize your own logo,  banners, and infographics with the help of pre-collected images, icons, graphics and shapes.

Hubspot marketing

Hubspot is one of the most effective marketing platforms that come with email marketing products. It is integrated with different HubSpot products to enter all your data in the CRM and optimize the behaviour of the visitors to your website. It also comes with live chat software to generate the lead. At the most basic level,  it increases the traffic by converting leads and higher ROI  for the inbound marketing campaigns. It decreases the cycle of deals and increases closing rates through effective sales tools.


Innovative tools and software have taken digital marketing to a next level. It comes with the comprehensive practice of implementing results in the right way to collect data, generate leads and enhance business relationships.

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