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Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

Content marketing is about creating and posting content for the target customers on online platforms. Several types of marketing are available to generate leads and nurture them as well. If you want to expand your business you should add some kick factors in your content to give knowledge about the product and services to the customers. People are inclined to know the USPs of this brand, which work as a stimulating factor for them to influence their buying decision.

What is content marketing?

Contain marketing is one of the main pillars of digital marketing that is used to engage and return customers by generating blogs,  articles, podcasts, and videos. It’s more about increasing the brand’s presence by promoting brand awareness. It also increases the online reputation of the brand that can be planted in the mind of people. Continent marketers distribute the content depending on what type of content the audience prefers to see. Nowadays, audiences are more engaged with the live sessions, infographics and videos that increase their engagement with the brand.

Components in content marketing strategy

If you want to implement effective Content marketing strategies, you should consider some factors such as brand positioning, buying personas,  creating value propositions, paid advertisements on digital platforms and case studies. Content marketers should keep in mind that the contents are believable, informative and interactive as well to make the audiences hooked on the content. Nowadays videos are played automatically on digital platforms,, which is an extra plus point for the content creators to bring them to the table.

Types of content marketing

It’s up to you how you incorporate continent marketing strategies in your business to accelerate your online campings. Three types of content marketing strategies are discussed below:

  • Blogs/Article
  • Videos
  • Case studies


When it comes to writing blogs for a website you should consider choosing keywords for searching in optimisation. You should also consider choosing blog topics that align with your products and services. Blog posts are really effective for the purpose of issue and that can also come with boosting organic traffic at an affordable cost.


As per the reports, 86% of video marketers point out that the video contents are more beneficial to generating leads and giving a return on investment (ROI) from many channels. Nowadays most audiences prefer to see something than read something. Video content is more engaging that can increase traffic and boost their interest in the product and services that the business provides. Even search engines take the video contents into consideration for higher rank. Videos contents are more about like, sharing generate leads that can be helpful for influencing buying intent.

Case studies

Case studies are important in generating leads to increase the engagement of the customers who want to learn more about the previous work. Potential customers can see the testimonials of the clients regarding the benefits of using the products in services. It influences their purchasing decisions that are the trigger point for them to buy the product.

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