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How does  digital marketing  influence the consumer behaviour

Digital marketing has brought a revolution in marketing tactics by providing a curated shopping experience to the customers and increasing engagement with the brand. Around 625 million internet users are in India, which has provided the opportunity for marketers to use online platforms to leverage more customers for the brands. It also increases the traffic to the website and enriches the brand presence on the social platform. Along with that digital marketing also provides a personal experience to the customers that influences their purchasing behaviour and makes them more interested to buy a particular product or service.

What is consumer behaviour in purchasing?

Consumer behaviour is more of their traits and understanding while buying a product and choosing one brand over the other. The decision-making process of the customer depends on a famous business model which is called AIDA, which stands for awareness,  interest,  decision and action. Digital marketing allows marketers to make more appealing and engaging content to accelerate their interest and awareness regarding the brands. In this scenario, video contents are more compelling in terms of attracting the audience and making them go through the whole content without skipping. Previously, we have discussed the effectiveness of digital marketing that can take the business to the next level. Now we are going to some important elements that influence the customer’s behaviour.

4 ways to influence the consumer behaviour

Targeting audience and the right time and right place

Social media platforms are very effective in terms of targeting customers and the right time and right place. Social media analytics use the database and target the audiences based on their previous search history,  preferences and characteristics that make them to do impulsive purchasing decisions. Apart from that, the brands implement some innovative tactics such as offerings, discounts, and online deals to attract the customers to buy their products instantly. Facebook paid to advertise provides the most effective and innovative services that increase awareness regarding the products and offerings.

Two way interaction

Social media platforms also allow the marketers to start a live video and that give the two-way interaction option to them. Communication is fruitful that allows the customers to give their feedback regarding the products and services. It creates an online community that makes the customer more involved with a brand over time.

Tailored shopping experience

Digital marketing also provides a Tailored shopping experience to its customers. Most of the millennial generation does not like to do a lot of research about new products.  digital marketing gives curated or personalized recommendations or experiences to their customers by going through their past shopping experiences and searching history. It influences consumer purchasing behaviour overall.

Promoting customer loyalty

Online resources can easily give information to the customers regarding the product features quality, discounts,prices, and customer service that are the taking factors when considering an online purchase. Digital marketing gives more flexibility to the customer to go through these  taking factors before making a purchase. It it helps to get the consumer loyalty that somehow impress the purchasing behaviour overall.

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